Thursday, 3 June 2010

What Is Wrong With A Bit Of Leg Before Wicket?

It would appear from this report that 'someone' was offended by the short shorts worn by the dancers who were adding a touch of 'razzmatazz' to the warm-up of a Twenty20 cricket match. A 'reminder' was sent by Sally Brooks, T20 events manager, that the event was a 'family' event and that 'costumes for the dancers need to reflect this'.

And the difference had they been wearing one-piece swimsuits or bikinis, is.......? Are not visits to our beaches and swimming pools, where ladies of all ages are wearing apparal far more revealing than the shorts worn by the dancers, also not family events?

On the basis that any offence is in the mind of the viewer - who, one suspects, are in a minority anyway - this culture of 'thou must not cause offence in any manner, shape or form' needs to be 'shorted' - and 'shorted' bloody quickly!

Can we please get a bit of perspective here, people?

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