Thursday, 23 April 2009

Banning Smoking In The Home

Dick Puddlecote has a great post about how some numpties are trying to work out how they can bring in a smoking ban in the home! Needless to say, on reading the linked pdf, it is for the children.

Anyway where I live, whilst you can smoke in your own flat it is obligatory to keep your front door shut as the corridors are 'public places' and therefore considered smoke-free. I always have windows open, my front door open and the window, in the corridor, opposite my front door open.
Some numpty from the managing agents told me that I had to have my door shut and on asking why she replied that smoke could come out of my flat into the corridor. When I pointed out that none of the other residents had complained, so her point was.......(?), the reply she gave: well I can breathe it in. Simple answer I replied - stop breathing when you go past, ergo you are happy and so am I! Never seen her since!!

Stupid cow!


Dick Puddlecote said...

Ta for the link.

It looks like you are suffering from an extension of the American experience. Where, apparently, smoking in an apartment is the same as pointing a gun through the wall.Certifiable, yet people listen to these idiots.

Mark Wadsworth said...

They'll ban smoking in cars next, they've already started that. Then they'll increase home insurance premiums for people for smokers (fair do's, we do tend to start more fires). Then smokers will be kept at the bottom of the list for social housing. And so on.

It'll be a couple of years yet before it's actually illegal.

Anonymous said...

Mark - apparently we don't! Greater percentage of fires are started by the candle-burners and, of course, chip pans (won't stop the robber-barons putting up insurance premiums, of course).


Mark Wadsworth said...

Jay, I'm not saying 'in absolute terms', I mean 'relative to non-smokers'; the same way that 'candle burners' start more fires than 'non-candle burners' and so on.