Thursday, 16 April 2009

Puerile Journalism

At last, Europe has become interesting - so says Adrian Hamilton in an article in today's Independent. Opining that:

"The one thing this June's European elections will not be about is Europe. The EU indeed will barely get a mention. Even the LibDems in areas such as the South-west where they fear to lose seats to the Tories will tread gingerly on the subject. The strongest voice on the subject will once again come from the anti-Europeans. What the vote will really be about, however, is whether people want to use the opportunity to express anger at the Government or whether they're too turned off politics to bother to vote at all." and "But it is also true that the country [United Kingdom] cannot afford the Union to collapse under the weight of this recession. Nor can it be in our interest to join an alliance of the big against the small when we have so much interest in allying with them on most issues."

seems to miss the point - but what the hell, this is a piece written by a supposedly 'professional journalist'.

God only knows what the Labour Party will campaign on; the Liberal Democrats will no doubt campaign for 'more of the same' and the Conservative Party intend campaigning for a referendum, something their leader definitely does not want.

Membership of the European Union boils down to one basic question - who governs our country. None of the main political parties want to discuss it and it seems the media do not want to raise it.

A pox on all their houses!

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Mark Wadsworth said...

And on their second and third houses, for that matter.