Sunday, 19 April 2009

Mandelson Says 'Smears' Row Is Over

So an unelected member of Gordon Brown's 'cabal' has decided that the 'smears e-mail' row is 'done and dusted'?

In the same way as his lying on a mortgage application form - something for which the likes of us would have resulted in prosecution for fraud? - is 'done and dusted'? Like the misuse of public office when, as a Minister, he used undue influence to obtain a British Passport for Srichand Hinduja - is 'done and dusted'?

Whether one is a 'Foy Boy' or not, a 'back-stabber' or not - physical or metaphorical - no-one of any principle is going to accept the opinion of someone who is considered - in the Court of Public Opinion - a crook, or 'bent'!

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