Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Richard Corbett - Doing a Ronnie

Richard Corbett has attempted to transform himself into his namesake Ronnie, of comedic fame, with his latest attempt at writing.

He raises the old chestnut that 3 million jobs are dependent on our membership of the EU, when anyone (except idiots like him) knows that Europe would still wish to trade with this country, EU member or not. It is a fact that exports to Europe far exceed imports from Europe as is shown in this report which details an accumulated trade deficit of -£383.7 billion.

In discussing the Renewable Fuel Transport Obligations (RTFO) Order he significantly ignores the 'demolition job' on this subject which was carried out by Christopher Booker.

Writing about the additional costs to cigarette companies imposed by health warnings, he twitters about the lives saved. If he was being truly objective and fair he would surely discuss the additional costs imposed as a result of the implementation of this draconian law, the staff costs required and the increased pension costs due to everyone supposedly living longer, for example.

In attempting to show GDP is higher in Europe than it would be without the single market, he cites a report carried out SEVEN years ago produced by the Commission. Even allowing for the fact this figure is so out of date as to be worthless, the EU's expertise at 'number crunching' is hardly in the top league - remember who could not get their accounts 'signed-off' for 14 years?

In considering Richard Corbett, on a value for money basis, one must question his ability, expertise and mental suitability. In seeking one word with which to describe this man I am, regrettably, forced to borrow from a fellow blogger:


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