Friday, 17 April 2009

Tomlinson - Abdominal Haemorrhage

According to the BBC Tomlinson did not die of a heart attack so a second post-mortem has found. Having been out all day one has no idea whether others have covered this story, however the matter of 'police brutality' is not the concern here.

Reference is made back to an earlier post on Friday 10th April, in which I asked:

Er - when a post-mortem is carried out does/should not a pathologist investigate all possible causes of a death - especially one in such circumstances as this? Is not an inspection of the body carried out prior to any surgical investigation begun?"

One matter for which apologies are due and that is in the original story it was assumed Dr Carey had carried out the original post-mortem, which now seems to be not the case. I therefore unreservedly withdraw the 'assinuation' made.

The original question, above, still remains. Was Dr. Freddy Patel the original pathologist - asked just to look heart attack as a possible cause of death? If so, who by?

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