Tuesday, 14 April 2009

It Is Just Not Good Enough, You Hyprocrites!

Now that Gordon Brown has not said sorry - only regretted - the actions of Damian McBride, I see we now have the 'loyal troops' trying to spin the matter closed.

We now have Hazel (Poisoned Dwarf) Blears, Liam (come the next election you surely will) Byrne and Alan (Postman Pat) Johnson all pleading that McBride's action was 'disgusting' and 'had no place in politics', etc etc etc.

Yet, as Rachel Sylvester in the Times comments, this 'skull-duggery' has been prevalent for some time, years in fact, but no 'condemnation' has been heard from the above three before now. It can therefore be argued that they have benefited from the 'political misinformation' process and, contrary to what they may say, must have known of its operations.

If ever anything demonstrated a discredited, lying, manipulating Labour administration 'spinning' to its demise; then this latest 'whitewash' PR stunt is it!

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Mark Wadsworth said...

I thought you were having a day off blogging today?