Thursday, 9 April 2009

Parental Discipline

This story in the Telegraph demonstrates all that is wrong with our society today - at least the society created by this obnoxious government anyway.

Of course the child's shoulder hurt - he got what he deserved, a 'belt'! What on earth would any sane adult expect the child to feel? What is it that the politically-correct bureaucratic mindset fails to understand about children? Obviously that children, whilst under parental rule, should realise one simple fact and that is that they should do as they are told! Since when did children dictate to their parents what they would decide to do?

When I remember that as a child I rceived 'six of the best' from various implements including my father's belt, a teacher's gymshoe and, on one occasion, the 'T' square from the blackboard (which needed two hands to wield) whilst at boarding school, my heart bleeds for the children of today. Needless to say each implement only needed to be used once because the lesson was painfully learned!

It is also worth mentioning that my parents told me one very important rule when I did leave school and started work; whilst still living in the parental home - I lived to their standards and that when I lived on my own, in my home, I could then live as I wanted!

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