Sunday, 12 April 2009

Hyprocrisy Of The Conservatives

Richard North, over at EUReferendum, has a post on the 'quiet' training of EU diplomatic staff to 'take over' member states' Embassies.

In his post Richard North quotes, from the Telegraph report to which he links, the statement by Mark Francois, Conservative spokesman on the EU:

"This project shows just how much more power Brussels would gain over our foreign policy. It is outrageous that the British people are being denied any say over it. That's why the Conservatives will be campaigning for a referendum in the European elections."

The Conservative Party make much of 'Labour Spin', yet this statement by Francois is just that - spin! Contrast Francois' statement with that of David Cameron, in a letter he sent me on 18th June 2008 in which he states, "My views on the European Union are well known. I believe it would be wrong for Britain to leave the EU."

If Mark Francois is a 'loyal' member of Cameron's Conservative Party then he must accord with Cameron's views, in which case why campaign for a referendum which your leader is so obviously against? But then hypocrisy runs through the Conservative Party on the question of Europe - witness the statement by William Hague commented on here and here.

There is no point in the Conservative Party campaigning for a referendum - on 4th June the UK Independence Party have already said "This is your chance of actually having your referendum"!

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