Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Fake Charities

I feel sure that like so many others in this country today I am totally fed up with being told how we are to speak, act and think by this government and 'fake charities', the latter being no more than government funded bodies which are used to pre-condition us to impending government/EU laws.

Via EUReferendum, who links to the Devil's Kitchen, we learn of the latest example of this. Dr. Richard Dixon, Director of WWF-Scotland who opines that Homeowners who do not to take action to improve the energy efficiency of their properties should be treated as criminals. He also considers that failing to put in energy efficiency measures was as antisocial as drink driving. Devil's Kitchen also links to a website he set up on which you can search for these fake charities.

Mark Wadsworth also highlights another example of this 'fake charity' culture that has sprung up under this government.

The degree to which the people of this country are being 'conditioned' to adopt a life dictated by the state has alarming similarities to past regimes such as that existed - and still do exist - in communist states such as USSR, East Germany (as was) China and North Korea.

One has to ask - when will the people of this country wake up to what is happening under their noses? One of the comments, by Neil Craig, to Mark Wadsworth's post neatly summarises the situation by saying this:

"Government employees lobbying for more money & government employees to counteract the artificial fears produced by government employees using government money to lie to us to create such false worries."

How true!

Do go read both the Devil's Kitchen post and that of Mark Wadsworth, although be warned that of the Devil's Kitchen does use some basic Anglo-Saxon words!

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