Sunday, 12 April 2009

Relocation - Bureaucracy Style!

To lose one job paying £120,000 and then, just a few weeks later, walk into another paying £150,000 would be the type of good fortune for which anyone would wish. To also then be paid a reported £500,000 redundancy package for losing the first job must seem like 'icing on the cake', especially when you have 'engineered' your own redundancy!

But hey - this is local government and they sure have had a role model to study - Parliament - when it comes to 'feathering their nests'!

Within the story we then read the reasoning for these excesses from Local Government Minister, John Healey, who seems to suffer from 'blear(s)y eyes' in that the data encapsulated in reports and data he reads never seem to correspond with the truth.

"With a change of this scale there are bound to be costs, but these are dwarfed by the total savings. Replacing 44 councils with nine makes economic sense, with over £100million savings every year – £22million of it from cutting senior posts."

Lets see the figures Healey, because I think you are also suffering from 'Hoon Disease' - the inability to differentiate between fact and fiction coupled with the stigma of being someone of doubtful parentage - as 'makes economic sense' is not the whole truth, is it? This has an EU connotation Master Healey and you can 'spin' it (or on it) anyway you wish. I would refer back to an earlier post on MAAs, introduced by his boss, her of the 'my dad's got shorter legs than your dad' Blears.

It is all very simple dear reader - it is all down to NUTS which is also what Healey is!

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