Sunday, 19 April 2009

Conservative Economics

Forgive me for asking what to the accountants and mathmeticians may well be a stupid question but what on earth is this policy about?

If one is after a 'spending restraint', would not this be achieved far quicker - and with virtually immediate effect and benefit - by a 'quango/fake charity' cull involving P45s? By telling the European Union we no longer wished to belong to their club and thus not have to abide by their 'costly' directives and regulations? By telling MPs that any Member of Parliament living within commutable distance of Westminster no longer qualified for a second home allowance? By reminding MPs that if one of their number (Hollobone) can manage without staff and research assistants, then so can they all? By reminding MPs that being a Member of Parliament is a 'full-time' job and perhaps their hours would be better spent doing just that and therefore they should dispense with their second, third and fourth etc etc jobs and 'speaking tours'?

The second commentator seems to have a point?

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