Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Government Fatally 'Out Of Touch'?

According to the Shadow Secretary for Defence - who is, it can be said, being a tad 'foxy' with the facts - the Government is guilty.

Quoted as saying "......We may have to tighten immigration policy......" he fails to acknowledge that he cannot alter our immigration policy per se, as this is controlled by our masters in Brussels. Therefore a "more restrictive immigration policy" could only be aimed at limiting the entry of non-EU individuals. If he wishes to instigate a fair policy then this, by definition, should be applicable to all individuals, regardless from whence they come.

It can also be argued that if the Government are on the "wrong side of public opinion" and "fatally out of touch", then so is the Conservative Party on the question of Britain's membership of the European Union.

Back to the drawing board, Fox old chap!

In company with a number of politicians, including Dr Fox, it is noted that Keith Vaz has jumped on the 'bandwagon of public mood.'

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