Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Steer Well Away

A story in the Telegraph reports that to assist teachers, who it is said lose 50 minutes lesson time every day trying to get pupils to behave, games should be introduced into the classroom.

Why on earth is the taxpayer funding the employment of a 'behaviour expert' - recent events would suggest that instead coming up with crackpot schemes like those reported for schools, his 'behavioural expertise' should be directed at those in the government!

If a 'teacher', who is presumably an adult, cannot control and in so doing command respect then it has to be said there is something wrong with the adult.

True to form, a Labour administration presented with a problem believes the answer is yet more bureaucracy, as reported here.

And which incompetents have messed around with our society and education system to such an extent it is difficult to think they can get any lower? All Balls can do is pontificate and say that parents have a duty to "share the responsibility of maintaining discipline". So parents, who have no choice in school for their children, who have no choice of curriculum to be taught, have no choice in teachers employed, may well be financially 'punished' as a result of deficits over which they have no control.

Note the word used three times in the preceeding paragraph - choice. The government talk about choice, as they talk about - for example - democracy, fairness, transparency, power to the people, government without spin, values and British jobs for British workers. They are just words, dear reader, and the government have no intention of implementing any of those fine ideals - ever!

It is noted that opposition leaders are now chanting the word 'change'. If only they meant it! Politics today just is not working and what we need is radical change, albeit this would mean 600 odd P45s for a start. Remember there is no 'change' if the only 'change' that is being offered is one from red to blue!

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