Thursday, 30 April 2009

Labour & Education

12 years of this Government and their initial mantra of Education, Education, Education and this is the result? 12 years of fiddling about and we still have to show teachers how to wash their hands?

Even allowing for the shortcomings of the present administration, this must rank as the biggest 'Load of Balls' yet!

Then in the print edition of the same newspaper we have a report that Old Buckenham Hall School, a mixed-sex prep school attended by Benjamin Britten, has been censured for disciplining pupils who misbehave by making them stand facing a wall and for reading students' personal letters as violating the pupil's right to privacy. The report also notes that a joint police and social services investigation has since ruled no charges should be faced. The school had been criticised in an Ofsted report for its 'punitive and excessive' punishments!

A police investigation - WTF!

A little more discipline instilled at school might just reduce the problems society experiences at the moment!

Socialists? May the Good Lord preserve us from them - for ever!

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