Monday, 20 April 2009

Curious and Curiouser

I don't recall hearing about this, or reading this and then searching google I find this. What is even odder is that an acquaintance of mine received exactly the same e-mail, unasked for in that he is not on any mailing list - to his knowledge - of the MOD and has never contacted the MOD. Has someone hit the wrong button?

Via EUreferendum a number of interesting posts can be read here.

The reasons given in both the BBC and Telegraph stories seem spurious, to say the least and why two years later are these jamming tests still being carried out?

Also bear in mind that China, which was a partner in the Galileo project, has pulled out - taking its technology and all that it has learned about the project and is now developing its own system, the development of which is now far more advanced than Galileo.

Does this have anything to do with the fact that whilst GPS is 'free to use' it is the intention of the EU to make its citizens use Galileo and pay for the privilege and the only way they will be able to accomplish that is to jam the GPS signal? And what will be the reaction of the US - if they know - that someone is playing 'fast and loose' with their satellite signals?

Methinks there is a touch of the 'Billingsgate Aroma' about this! So much so it calls for an e-mail to my Member of Parliament, who EU-Lover that he professes to be, may or may not elicit the truth. In anycase the EU has a track-record of denying something which later comes to pass, which it is believed is a process much beloved of politicians and bureaucrats.

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