Monday, 27 April 2009

Misuse Of Our Money, His Time & Effort?

What pray is the point of this?*

At a time when this country is in turmoil, both financially and socially, how does the expense of an 'away-day' for our reviled Prime Minister help? What does he hope to achieve by this trip other than a tad of publicity, hopefully good in stark contrast to the latest, dismal offerings?

Apparently we are promising £15million of support for the organisation of the Afghan elections. In view of our parlous state, would that money not be better spent at home? By what right does some self-opinionated politician, who cannot even govern his own country properly and to the benefit of its people, presume to tell another country how to govern theirs?

* Perhaps he is doing a Michael Martin - increasing his Air Miles before he loses the perk?

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