Saturday, 11 April 2009

Light Taper And Retire PDQ?

One cannot help but be intrigued with the on-going rumble of discontent twixt Guido Fawkes and Derek Draper.

I wonder whether Guido has seen this report in the Telegraph - words which I would imagine will send him into a state of apoplexy and incandescent rage - in which it states:

"If the emails, which were originally sent to Derek Draper, a close friend of Lord Mandelson, who also runs an influential political blog, were obtained by a hitherto unidentified person hacking into the No.10 computer system or Mr Draper’s, the police could be called in to investigate." (my emphasis)

Having taken a pseudonym akin to the chap that tried to send Parliament 'sky high', one wonders whether Guido might actually do it!

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