Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Trouble On The Cypriot Horizon?

Interesting article in the Telegraph regarding the legal position of Britons living in Northern Cyprus in respect of the title to their properties.

The facts present a dilemma, on many fronts, for the European Union and their apparent desire to have Turkey as a member. Having been to Northern Cyprus it was soon obvious from talks with ex-pats and Turkish politicians that Turkey's stated position is they will not cede Northern Cyprus and in fact have a large garrison permanently stationed there for its defence. Even today there is a 'hatred' by Greek for Turk and vice-versa.

Much has been written about the separation and divide of Cyprus but one has to ask how many people have read a book called The Genocide Files by Harry Scott Gibbons which was republished in October 2003. Gibbons was, of his time, a distinguished foreign correspondent of the Daily Express and his book is based on his presence in the country at the time of the 'troubles', reporting for that newspaper. This book shows that there is always 'two sides to a story'.

There is more to come on this story in the Telegraph and also the entire question of Turkey and EU membership. It should be quite interesting!

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