Thursday, 16 April 2009

Osborne In Cloud Cuckoo Land?

Politics Home has the text of George Osborne's speech at Green Building Council this morning and the content can but make one weep.

If Osborne can afford to spend time on this type of empty rhetoric, and can assure us that it won't increase debt, that must mean that the Tory Party now has a fully-costed economic policy, has worked out how to end the recession in double-quick time, and has drawn up a list of other spending cuts to pay for this green eco-friendly mantra. But wouldn't it have been a more useful speech if instead he'd told us what the economic policy, recession-recovery plan and spending cuts were?

Some of the ideas are semi-practicable and most are pie-in-the-sky. Not one of these ideas addresses the current energy problems we face. It is just 'politicking' with one eye on the next general election and does not mention that it is all driven by their subservience to the EU dictats they have to obey, membership of which is an avowed aim of David Cameron.

Have any of these 'schemes' been costed and are they firm manifesto commitments? Are they yet more PFI 'schemes'? Does not a £17billion high speed rail network not add to government debt? Who is going to pay for these 'charging points' for electric cars? You can bet your last euro on the fact that like wind farms, it won't be the government or the electricity companies - it will be the taxpayer yet again!

Most agree that our politicians are 'air-heads' but this - WTFF?

Afterthought: £6,500 for each home and how many homes in the country - more government debt!

Update: Richard North, over at EU Referendum makes a good point!

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