Saturday, 11 April 2009


An article in the Telegraph with the headline 'How the Tories hope to win the next election' would seem to show that the Conservative Party is in a situation whereby the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing or saying.

Quote from this article:

"It's all about net gain now," said one Conservative strategist. "There is no point in focussing on immigration, Europe and other traditional right-wing areas as it will no longer attract voters as they are already on side. But it might put some voters off."

So the majority of voters who want either out of the EU or just a trading relationship are already 'on side' with a party that wishes to remain a member of the EU?

Perhaps this 'strategist' has not spoken to William Hague recently (see preceeding post) who stated in an 'interview' that 'David Cameron and he are planning to make the failure of the Government to call a referendum a key campaigning issue' and that 'it's time to ring the alarm bell, it's time to alert the people.'

Thats two differing views and we have yet to hear what Ken Clarke has to say on Europe yet!

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