Thursday, 9 April 2009

Freedom Of Information - EU Style

Bruno Waterfield, writing in the Telegraph, reports on 'transparency' within the European Union in respect of a leaked memo to members of the Commission's trade department. The article in the EUObserver, referred to by Waterfield, can be read here.

This from an organisation that continually informs its citizens that it is founded on the principles of democracy and transparency!
So it is acceptable for 'them' to know what we read, write and say (retention of telephone and e-mail data) but we cannot know what they may say and write - and there was I thinking that yet another of their founding 'principles' was equality!
Some equality!

It is indicative of the importance that the Telegraph places on this news story that in the print edition it is given one column of about 3 inches and incorporated into an article by the same journalist on the subject of Den Dover and his misuse of expenses.

Now, can we leave - please?

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