Sunday, 3 May 2009

Cameron and That Pesky EU Question

Relating to a previous post, over the last three days Conservative Home have carried two articles, one by Rupert Matthews and the other by Tim Montgomerie, not flattering to UKIP which can be read here and here.

Both posts on Conservative Home have provoked a torrent of comments. Three times I have raised the point, in the comments, that in presenting himself as a future Prime Minister, David Cameron is duty bound to issue a categorical statement on his position viz-a-viz Britain's membership of the EU, where he stands on the question of a referendum pre, or post, ratification and that therefore he owes a duty to the country and his constitutents to publicly debate all these points with his detractors. As it seems this is not on his 'agenda' one has to repeat the question - What is David Cameron afraid of?

Needless to say, answer is there none either from CCHQ, Rupert Matthews, Tim Montgomerie or any of the Conservative Party members/supporters.

The Sunday Express today carries yet another 'blast' against David Cameron by Stuart Wheeler and this highlights the fact that David Cameron’s “centre ground” stance of standing back and letting Gordon Brown shoot himself in the foot might work for the General Election. When it comes to an issue like the EU that actually requires clear, decisive, deliverable action, Cameron is totally exposed for the opportunist he is. In fact Cameron is doing no more than Brown and Clegg in denying the electorate any discussion on the issue of EU membership, which can only be described as a dispicable political decision.

Oh they will 'lecture' us, but will they talk to us, debate with us? Obviously not!

Who the hell do these people think they are?

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