Sunday, 10 May 2009

Latest On Tory 'Expenses'

A new article on the Daily Telegraph website has an interesting and revealing video interview with Andrew Porter, their Political Editor.

More importantly, David Cameron is quoted as saying:

“We have to acknowledge just how bad this situation is and just how angry the public are,” and “We have to start by saying that the system we had and used was wrong and that we are sorry about that.”

You may be 'sorry about that' Mr Cameron, now how about being sorry for the actions of your MPs, accompanied by a tad of the 'firm hand of discipline'?

Update: Credit where credits due - according to Conservative Home David Cameron also said:

"....Individual politicians have to come out and say why they claimed what they claimed... It's no good just to say we obeyed the rules, we have to say sorry it happened....."

So he is 'getting there' - now the 'firm hand of discipline'?

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