Wednesday, 13 May 2009

MP Hopes His Integrity Is Intact

Health Minister Phil has decided to repay over £40,000 and is reported by SkyNews as stating:

"I did act within the rules but the public anger of my constituents and the damaging perceptions about my integrity have been a blow to me......It really matters to me and my wife. We want to serve our constituents. We do so really well, I want do this to restore their trust and belief.....It is not about votes, it is about who I am......Whenever the election comes I want those people to know that I am a person of integrity."; whilst later, on BBC World at One, he is quoted as saying: "All the money I received was all within the rules all approved by the fees office and so on."

Sorry Mr. Hope, but this excuse, which is being trotted out by all the MPs being named and shamed, of 'within the this rules' and all 'approved by the fees office', neither does you as a person any good, nor acts as an excuse.

It has to be said that if you were, as you claim, a person of integrity then you would not have made the claim in the first place. It is also extemely difficult for a cynic, such as myself, to also be asked to accept that a majority of circa 1,500 has had little effect on your decision.

Whether or not your were a good constituency MP your electorate will decide, as they will also decide whether you abused their trust in you - and that comment applies to all MPs who are guilty of abuse of the expenses and allowances system.

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