Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Readoption Or Deselection?

Conservative Home has a suggestion that all Conservative MPs found to have 'abused' the expenses and allowances systems should be recalled for a meeting to either endorse their re-adoption as prospective MPs or deselect them.

How much kudos would be gained by the other Leaders of the main parties were they also to adopt this approach.

However even more kudos would be gained, if all parties adopted the suggestion of Douglas Carswell and Daniel Hannan in The Plan, and these re-adoption/deselection votes were open to all voters in the constituencies concerned, coupled with this being a requirement at every General Election.

It would be even more 'democratic', bearing in mind that the electorate are in fact MPs employers, were a 'recall system' in place whereby MPs could be 'held to account' by their constituents at any time during their tenure as a representative of the constituency.

The alleged abuse(s) of expenses and allowances is but part of the problem affecting our democracy at this time and one can but only hope that MPs who continually pontificate about 'democracy' take this on board, rather than paying lip-service as is presently the situation.

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