Monday, 8 June 2009

European Election - Voting Figures

Accessing the Electoral Commission - as the 'authoritative' source for the final voting figures - one is directed by link to the BBC - our 'independent' broadcasting organisation, which now seems to operate as a 'mouthpiece' governmental quango, but I digress......

Bearing in mind that the governing party polled 2,381,760 votes, just 15.7% of the total votes cast; then factor in the 'anti-EU' votes which comprise UKIP, BNP, English Democrats, Socialist Labour Party, NO2EU and UK First, which together polled 4,121,983 votes, 27.2%, the Labour Party can hardly be said to have a mandate when deciding a major aspect of this country's policy on membership of the European Union.

More importantly, the Conservative Party - which has the stated aim of maintaining said membership - which polled 4,198,394 votes, 27.7% of the total votes cast, may well state that they polled the majority of votes but then can hardly consider that as a mandate, being just 0.5% greater. This is, it is believed, justifiably a 'false' majority when it must be accepted that not all those who would have voted in a referendum, on an in/out question, had voted. This point, when factored into the equation, leaves the Conservative Party in the same position as the Labour Party - ie, without a mandate.

Just another thought..........

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