Monday, 8 June 2009

PLP Meeting

Having been watching Sky News which had Labour MP after Labour MP 'spinning' the Party line that they had been fed; Bradshaw and Ainsworth both praising Brown's 'brilliant' speech - which is hardly a surprise given that both had just been promoted - yet thinking we, the public, would believe them demonstrates what is wrong with the political system. What is also sickening to watch is the political commentators being taken in by what are banal words of endorsement for a failed political leader, reminiscent of communist apparatchiks 'parroting' the 'factory stats'.

How can any MP, supporting the Party line, whose position as an MP is dependent on that Party line, expect the electorate to believe them? In other words, if the MP does not support the Party line, reselection is not guaranteed so it is hardly surprising they do not heed the Whip's 'advice'.

This underlines the necessity of a change to the method by which MP's are selected and that change should be by open primary. It is imperative that we, the electorate, have 'control' of those who are meant to reflect our views, the opposite of the situation that presently exists.

It is reported that MPs, during the PLP meeting, heard that Gordon Brown promised to 'listen', confer, change etc. It should be remembered that Gordon Brown has 'previous'; one has but to recall his acceptance speech on assuming the role of Prime Minister. Apparently the Labour Party needs to reconnect with its electorate, to provide the electorate with what they want, to continue funding health and education, etc etc.

When will the 'talking heads' realise, we have had 12 years of this, we have heard it all before and are totally sick to the teeth of it and with it.

Just go Gordon, please?


Mark Wadsworth said...

I don't get this 'open primary' idea - as long as local party members can choose their candidate by secret ballot, isn't that good enough? If you want to influence who the candidates are, then join [whatever] party!

Witterings From Witney said...


Have to disagree with joining a party to influence candidate selection - how can you be a member of more than one party?

MPs are supposed to represent their constituents, regardless of political affiliation, therefore it is only right that all voters should have a say in who a party puts up for selection as an MP. By leaving it to party members you are still allowing a 'clique' to select for all.

If you want to discuss more then email me.