Tuesday, 9 June 2009

'Overhyping' The BNP

From samizdata is the following extract from the post in question:

"The gasps and finger pointing at the thuggish scrotes of the BNP give many an excuse to avoid focusing on the electoral success of UKIP, because unlike the profoundly statist BNP, UKIP is a party filled with people who actually do want a less intrusive and smaller state. UKIP may not aspire to some libertarian minarchist paradise, but they actually want less net regulation and dare to talk about civil liberties as something that matters (as opposed to the LibDems, (and the other two - Ed.) who strongly believe civil liberties matter and yet want to regulate the crap out of everything, as if somehow that has no bearing on liberty).

In short, the fact UKIP thinks that the liberties of individuals is something to shout about and they want to shrink the state at all, rather than just keep expanding the state, but just a wee bit slower than the other guys... well... in the context of where we find ourselves today, this verges on revolutionary.

No wonder the mainstream would rather emote and declaim about the ultimately irrelevant BNP."

How true!

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