Thursday, 4 June 2009

Proposed House Of Commons Business

It is noticed that Harriet Harman, Leader of the House, has announced the programme of forthcoming business, up to the 22nd June.

Leaving aside the immediate and obvious comment that planning so far ahead could be seen as a tad pretentious in that one's Leader may not last that long, what is interesting is the content of said programme.

Besides the 'Motion to approve Standards and Privileges Committee report on Unauthorised Disclosure of Heads of Report from the Culture, Media and Sport Committee' (one wonders how many people have the slightest idea what that is about!) and 'Second reading: Health bill (Lords)'; it is worth noting other proposed debates: Wednesday 10th June - Dissolution of Parliament; Tuesday 16th June - General debate: European affairs; coupled with general, topical and opposition day debates, the subject of which have all to be decided.

Then of course we have the Speaker's 'valediction' when we shall have to witness the sickening sight of MPs rising to their feet to pay 'tribute' to Michael Martin - no doubt in the hope they will get invited to a 'Speaker's Last Night Leaving Bash' - paid for by us, no doubt!

As this government is in its 'death throes', one fails to see why they are wasting their time and ours continuing with a legislative programme, the majority of the contents of which will, no doubt, be 'overturned' by the incoming administration.

However, assuming the worst scenario whereby Gordon Brown does manage to hold on to the reins of power for a few more days, would MP's time and that of the House of Commons not be better used having free debates on, for instance total implementation of 'The Plan'. All MPs mouth platitudes about 'devolving power' and 'democracy', so with an impending general election it would provide a perfect platform for us, the electorate, to be fully briefed, whilst also saving an untold amount of money producing manifestos which recent events have shown political parties have no intention of adhering to anyway!

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