Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Much is presently hitting the blogosphere on the subject of Gordon Brown's proposals to change the voting system, rules for MP's conduct, electoral reform etc etc.

Whilst the details are still awaited, Nick Robinson is reporting that Gordon Brown is proposing a referendum on any such changes. Immediate reaction on this blog is that it seems fine to have a referendum on a voting system that may well benefit the Labour Party, but not one on who should govern our country.

Just who the hell does Gordon Brown think he is? I seem to recall that in 1997 electoral reform was mentioned, but has since quietly been dropped, as the FTP system suited the Labour Party just fine - now their support has plummeted, and under the present system resulting in a loss for them, they want to suggest changing the rules?

It is about time that our Dear Leader realised that we are still a 'democracy', not some form of 'democratic dictatorship'! Does Brown not realise what a 'can of worms' he proposes opening and does he not realise how stupid and desperate he looks announcing this immediately after the European and local elections results?

His announcement is awaited with bated breath!

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TheFatBigot said...

I looked up the last 3 Labour manifestos to see what they said about electoral reform and quoted the relevant bits in my blog entry of May the 25th:


Both the 2001 and 2005 manifestos said they would assess the effect of the non-FPTP systems used for Scotland, Wales, London and Europe. They have been consistent in saying it could only happen through a referendum but it was kicked into the long grass a decade ago and is now being resurrected to try to make it appear that they have new ideas.

That's no way for such an important issue to be treated.