Thursday, 4 June 2009

Who Is Tamzin Lightwater?

Just who is this? Even Iain Dale has no clue!

According to young Iain, she(?) purports to give an insight into the world of CCHQ and the 'Notting Hill Set'.

Perhaps those amongst you who have a greater understanding of the English language can translate this:

"Why oh why do people persist in ringing in to complain about our EU referendum policy? I don’t see how we could be any clearer. Mr Hague has gone to exhaustive lengths to explain what he means when he says he can’t say whether or not he will say what he means when he says he can’t say what we will do if the Lisbon Treaty passes into law before we get into government, or not. To recap from the briefing notes: ‘“We will not let matters rest there” is a hypothetical holding answer to the hypothetical question of whether or not we will do something about a situation in the future we want to prevent happening in the first place and as such we can only answer a question pertaining to the opposite turning out to be the case because to do otherwise would be to elaborate on the unknowable.’ If people still want to vote Ukip after hearing that, frankly, there’s nothing we can do to stop them."

On the basis that William Hague repeatedly (sixteen times I believe) refused to answer Jeremy Paxman' question, on Newsnight, of what does 'we will not let matters rest there' means, I am still none the wiser!

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Anonymous said...

Tamsin Lightwater is a pseudonym of Fleet Street's most talented political / lifestyle columnists.

Sadly, Tamsin ought to realise by now that with such a floundering career she really ought to find herself a rich fellah, have some kiddywinks, breed whippets and travel around in her very own Chelsea tractor.