Tuesday, 2 June 2009

William Hague Continues To Prevaricate

Conservative Home has a post wherein William Hague answers questions, the majority of which were on the subject of Britain's membership of the European Union. Needless to say, there is no 'advancement', or definition, on/of the question: 'We will not let matters rest there'.

What his answers do show, however, is that William Hague is committed to maintaining our membership, albeit on slightly different terms, including a level of political integration. In answer to the question whether he would ultimately like to see the EU as a political trading group with no legislative power, his answer is "No. If you want to achieve the degree of free trade we have in the Single Market the EU needs legislative powers and the means of enforcing them.......". This seems to be a perfectly good reason for continuing to vote for the UK Independence Party.

On the question of 'pooling sovereignty' William Hague forgets one important fact. He says: "The way the EU works is that if you agree to ‘pool’ sovereignty in a policy area and, if you’ve agreed to drop national vetoes, you may have to sign up to laws you disagree with." - Mr. Hague, it is not up to politicians to decide whether or not Britain should 'pool sovereignty' - it is up to the British electorate!

Mr. Hague may well believe that ".....in doing everything we can to get a referendum now – that’s why it’s at the heart of our European election campaign. It’s worth remembering that it was pressure from real voters that forced Tony Blair to yield on the referendum on the original EU Constitution." is one viewpoint, however maybe it will be a case that voting for the UK Independence Party will be the pressure from real votes that will ensure David Cameron and the Conservative Party change their views, which do not represent the majority view of the British electorate.

Like so many politicians, of all hues, William Hague continues to exhibit the belief that they, the politicians, 'rule' us. Well, Mr. Hague, you don't! You are elected to represent your constituent's views and the sooner you and your ilk recognise that fact, coupled with the fact politicians are but employees of the electorate, the sooner you will once again earn the voter's trust.

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