Monday, 1 June 2009

Yet Another Apology

'TykeHoon', aka the Rt. Hon - which is a misnomer in his case, as it is in so many others - Geoff Hoon Secretary of State for Transport, has apologised for claiming for 2 homes simultaneously, albeit the amount seems to be just under £400.

Like the majority of the country, I am getting just a tad 'fed up' with this 'apology' scenario and the implied 'so everything is now ok' which MPs are adopting.

But for the disclosures by the Daily Telegraph, all these MPs would have been able to continue with what are no more than fraudulent claims.

One cannot but repeat the demand that all MPs stand for reselection to Parliament and that any MP who has 'abused' the system, whether in practise or in 'spirit', should be debarred from standing at any time in the future!

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