Tuesday, 1 December 2009

A Nation's Nadir

As of 00.01 of the morning of 1st December 2009 the United Kingdom ceased to be an independent state and became a subordinate unit within the European Union.

Prior to the time and date above, the EU could not annex one additional policy area without there having to be a new treaty, which allowing for referendums - and re-runs of referendums, then had to receive ratification in all member states. Now, due to the fact that Lisbon inserted a 'self-amending' clause, no such procedure is necessary.

I believe it is correct to say that prior to today it would have been an easy matter to leave the EU, simply by repealing the European Communities Act 1972. Now it would seem that, legally, the only method of leaving is that laid down, namely the secession procedure.

MPs should be held to account, at the next general election for their disgraceful behaviour in allowing what amounts to formal sovereignty of this country to be passed to Brussels. Even more disgraceful is the case of MPs, who having voted against ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, now blindly adhere to a new policy of attempting to repatriate powers and supposed 'referendum locks', presumably for personal gain through possible ministerial position in any new government.

For politicians today to maintain that they do not consider their 'calling' to be a career, more a desire to 'serve' the public, is, at best, laughable. Until a clause is included in their Parliamentary Oath that they must at all times accept the primacy of country before party, trust in politicians and politics will remain at the all-time nadir it has reached.

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