Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Where Is The Unbiased Political-Free BBC?

The BBC website informs us (could not hear the fanfare but feel sure it was there) that Baroness Ashton, in her role as EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Foreign Secretary, will not be "an extension of the British Government".

Those of us with a brain (and who consequently have some understanding of the EU) know full well that Ashton must, as a condition of her position and employment by the EU, work only for the benefit of, and to further the interests of, the EU - even if this means it is against the interests of Britain.

Was there any mention of this on the BBC news item? Of course not! It is all to obvious that the initials BBC probably need changing to EUBC!

Neither is there, at the time of writing, any statement originating from the Con/Lab/LibDem ranks to correct this omission. This too, says a great deal about the three main parties and illustrates only too well where their main allegiance lies!

All the more reason - and I make no apologies for repeating this - people should look at the website of The Albion Alliance who are attempting to make politicians accept that they must put country before party and also to ensure that a referendum is held on the question of Britain's membership of the EU within the first year of the new parliament.

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