Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Yet Another Cameron Contradiction

According to Conservative Home David Cameron is set to 'declare war on the 'nonsense' of 'over-the-top Health & Safety culture'.

Cameron reportedly will highlight the great knot of rules, regulations, expectations and fears involved in this culture. His speech contains the following: "I want people to know that with the Conservatives, government will let you get on with your life without unnecessary rules and regulations"

Once again Cameron promises something that he cannot deliver as he has no way of stopping the unnecessary rules and regulations that emanate from Brussels and over which he has no control.
Note also the phrase 'government will let you get on with your life'. This man, like so many others within the political elite, seems to forget that it is not up to government to let people 'get on with anything' - it is up to government to do that which the people say the government can do!

Never was the phrase 'They just don't get it' ever more true!


Anonymous said...

And yet, hasn't he already promised to give the Health bodies even more powers of influence over legislation? Sorry, no link. Just something I remembered.


Sue said...

"They just don't get it"

I think you're wrong there. I think its more ...

"I'll do this whole thing on H & S because I haven't got the balls to do anything about Lisbon, The Great Climate Fraud or Immigration"

"I'll assure them that I am saying what they want to hear and perhaps they won't vote UKIP or BNP. When I am in power, I can blame the EU. I can use this ruse for many things".

"Great Scott! What a plan, they won't even realise what's happening because they're a bunch of thick peasants!"