Sunday, 10 May 2009

Cameron 'To Rule Scotland With Respect'

Reported in the Daily Telegraph is the above heading. If one may be so bold - that is bloody kind of him! And who apppointed him 'Ruler-Elect'? It is, one believes, generally held that only a Monarch 'rules' and we already have one of those, so I believe.

Never mind Scotland, Mr. Cameron how about Britain?

How about you had the courtesy to inform the British people exactly how you would 'rule'?

How about you allowed the electorate a referendum regardless of whether the Lisbon Treaty was ratified by all EU members?

How about you actually practised democracy instead of paying lip service to the word?

How about you 'come clean' in your election broadcasts and admit, as did James Ellis one of your MEPs - that you would be campaigning during the EU elections to remain a member of that odious body?

How about you climbed down off your 'high horse' and asked the British people how they wished to be governed, rather than telling them how they will be governed?

Even better - how about you just 'zip it' until you do have something lucid and pertinent to say!

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