Sunday, 10 May 2009

This Does Not Ring Bells For Me

According to Politics Home Sir Stuart Bell has spoken - again!

Listen Sir (one tries to be polite) Numpty - you still do not understand, do you?

"The House of Commons is contrite that it has lost the confidence of the people at this time," he said. Asked if that was an apology on behalf of wrongdoing, he said: "It's an admission we have lost the confidence of the British people."

He continued: "There are 646 MPs and if all of the receipts of the MPs had been been published at once I would guarantee 90 per cent" had not done anything wrong."

The word we, the people, want is not 'contrite', but an abject, unreserved apology using the word 'sorry! Bell may believe that '90 percent had not done anything wrong' but that is obviously based on the unspoken belief that the 90 per cent had all submitted claims 'within the rules'.

For the avoidance of doubt, Bird Brain, it is the fact that MPs have 'claimed' for items that should have come out of their salary - remember the word 'salary, remuneration in return for employment? - items such as food, household furnishings, bath plugs, porn films, cleaners, loo seats etc etc.

Oh and by the way, instead of wasting yet more public money having the police investigate the leaking of expenses and whether there is a 'mole' - why not have a word with John Gummer as he seems to be a bit of an expert on the subject of 'moles'!

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