Friday, 8 May 2009

Conservative Party European Policy

Having just attended an Any Questions style event in the village of Culham, near Abingdon, which was hosted by the European Movement - a pro-EU organisation - James Ellis, Conservative MEP, categorically stated that the Conservative Party would be campaigning on remaining a member of the European Union.

Two interesting asides: firstly, the three main parties, together with the Greens, are very afraid of UKIP and missed no opportunity to smear that party with continual references to Wise and Mote. Secondly, the Liberal Democrat candidate, David Grace - number 8 on the South East list - stated that the cost of EU membership for every man, woman and child in Britain was £75!

Reverting to the question of the Conservative Party and their attitude to Britain's membership of the EU, this rather negates David Cameron's Euroscepticism that he is trying to promote - does it not?

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