Friday, 8 May 2009

MP's Expenses

Much has already been written by other bloggers on this subject, however having been busy all day one feels obliged to add one's own 'tuppence worth', even at this late hour.

Dizzy has an interesting question or two on the subject of cleaners and the time taken to clean a one bedroomed flat - worth reading!

Alan Johnson reckons that MP's expenses are a temporary diversion from the big issues of swine flu and the economy and hopes that we get back to normal politics. Listen Bird Brain - you just hope that this dies down so MPs can get back to the trough! If you had a brain - which is highly debatable - you would know and realise that this question relates to that point on which any democracy is based, namely trust in those we, the people, elect.

Leaving aside the sudden rush to repay monies 'claimed in error', this excuse of 'it was within the rules' no longer stands up to scrutiny. Instances such as Hazel 'YouTube' Blears, who reportedly changed her 'second home' designation three times in one year shows that Ms. Blears has 'milked' the system for her own personal benefit.

Then we have the claims for food, at the rate of £400 per month as reported in the Blears link above. On the basis an MP has to eat, wherever they may be living, how is their food an 'expense'?

Paul Murphy, Welsh Secretary, obviously has never been told that boilers have a temperature control on them, likewise hot water cylinders.

Geoff Hoon - formerly known as 'Buffhoon', but possibly now aka 'Tykehoon' - manages to build up a property empire worth £1.7million?

To cap it all, we then have the biggest idiot of them all with no word of apology repeating that he is getting on with the job - milking the poor bloody taxpayer obviously!

Everyone of those MPs named, together with those to be named, should be charged with fraud and dismissed their posts as ministers and as MPs and debarred from holding any public office in future.

They are all bastards, or bastardess' if we include the likes of the vertically challenged, red-topped YouTuber.

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