Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Guido Misses An Important Point

Posting on an Australian environmental matter Guido Fawkes brings into the content how he feels the Cameroons are out of touch with Tory grassroots in respect of the 'environment' question.

Stating the general feeling is that 'Vote Blue, Go Green' is to be a cover for tax hikes is not disputed by me - in fact I feel that is a 'racing certainty'. What is interesting - and not mentioned by Guido - is that not one Conservative MP, nor PPC - least of all Cameron - will admit that the 'Vote Blue, Go Green' agenda is nothing but a 'catch-all' slogan to allow any future Conservative government to ensure that they implement the EU Environmental policies crap that is being imposed on Britain by our masters in Brussels.

Just a thought..........

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James Higham said...

And now he rails against Elfansafetee while supporting the continuation of the very body which perpetuates it.