Tuesday, 1 December 2009

A Nice Picture

Mike Smithson, politicalbetting (who appears to have been dropped by Politics Home from their dashboard - one wonders why), has a post on the latest ComRes poll in which he highlights the voters, who last time voted Conservative, moving to Ukip. This post also contains a nice picture of David Cameron, one that I feel sure he would like framed and placed on his desk!

Whilst as Mike Smithson points out this is only one poll, he feels there is a trend developing. It could just be that more and more people are starting to agree with the views that Lord Pearson is articulating here.

It is not just the EU question that is important however, it is also the fact that our politics in this country are driven by party allegiance which places party above country - something else that it could be argued people are becoming frustrated with. All the more important then that people are aware of the aims of The Albion Alliance and begin to hold candidates at the next election to account.

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