Monday, 30 November 2009


Yet again I have to revert to posting on a subject that was, in years gone past, termed a profession but is now populated with what can only be called 'dipsticks', the latest example of which is Mary Riddell who writes (if that is the right word) the main comment piece in the Daily Telegraph tomorrow.

Mentioning the £800million, announced at the Heads of Commonwealth meeting, that Britain is 'donating' (without our having been asked if we wished to donate), Mary Riddell conveniently omits to mention that the vast majority of that £800million will, no doubt, disappear into the pockets of the ruling elite in those 'underdeveloped' countries.

Allowing that it is this ill-informed woman's right to pen rubbish, in this case what may happen to the 'Green' vote at the next general election, what is important is that it should be every good journalists aim to inform their readers on matters of great importance. Mary Riddell, as I have written previously here and here, is a prime example of a 'journalist' who would not know a good story if, in her case, it slapped her in the Cat face.

Instead of writing about 'Green' votes this apology for a journalist dipstick should address the democratic deficit that is facing this country. As of midnight tonight, Monday 30th November 2009, the United Kingdom ceases to exist and becomes a region of the EU State - namely Region UK, a region designated by the Eurostat, with sub-regions (Level 2) and sub-sub-regions (Level 3). Eurostat can truly be said to be 'NUTS' - but I digress (again!). Riddell could instead write about the emasculation of our democracy due to our membership of the European Union; she could also write about the further emasculation caused by the present political system we have in this country, whereby political parties put their party above the country they are elected to safeguard.

Instead of writing about the devaluation of democracy, an article which could have been researched and linked to proven facts, she instead chooses to base an article on unproven 'science', or what it has become, a religion.

FFS! At least The Albion Alliance are attempting to redress this deficit in our democracy!

H/T: EU Referendum

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