Thursday, 26 February 2009

Ahmed Sentence - What's That Smell

'Lord' Ahmed, he of Wilde(r's)beest fame, receives a 3 month sentence whilst Philippa Curtis receives 21 months
and a three year driving ban.

Setting aside the points that (a) Ahmed, if he ever serves any part of his sentence, would probably serve only half, namely 42 days; (b) odd that parliamentarians can be incarcerated for 42 days after conviction yet wish us to be detained for the same period without even the benefit of a trial - some intriguing questions remain.

If as quoted in the Telegraph Ahmed stopped texting 1.86 miles, or two minutes, prior to the accident then Ahmed was (a) doing less than 60 mph on a motorway; (b) the Audi Ahmed hit was stopped and covering the middle and outer lanes, facing the wrong way; (c) this (b) means that Ahmed was proceeding at less then 60mph in the middle or outer lane - why?; (d) On Christmas Day, night time, when the accident occured, there cannot have been much traffic on the road; and (e) if (d) means that traffic was light, why was Ahmed not in the inside lane?

Something smells here - and its not curry!

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