Friday, 13 February 2009

A Few Basic Facts

Reverting to the current big discussion point, namely Geert Wilders, it may be worth remembering the reported views of John Howard, former Prime Minister of Australia, which are relevant not just to those of different faiths but also to anyone of ethnic origin.

Whilst these views are not in any way racist, they do encapsulate some basic points, in relation to a chosen place of abode, that anyone wishing to live in this country should remember. The majority of immigrants, coming to this country, do wish to integrate, however to those who don't and who continually wish to change our culture, I would reiterate the following:

First, this country is founded on a culture and principles for which many wars have been fought and many lives lost.

Second, the language we speak is English, so consequently please learn it.

Third, this country is a Christian country and therefore our way of life is founded on Christian principles.

Fourth, whilst we respect your views and beliefs, we expect you, in turn, to respect ours and not demand we forgo our beliefs to fit in with you.

Fifth, this is our country and we wish anyone coming here to have the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

Sixth, as an immigrant you chose to come and live here, no-one forced you. Therefore please accept the country you chose to accept.

Seventh, if you find our country not to your liking, then please opt for another right you have, by residing here, and that is the right to leave.

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