Monday, 9 February 2009

Oh God! The Poisoned Dwarf Speaks Again!

In a BBC story on the prospect of yet more snow and gritting, Hazel Blears - she of the short legs, big mouth and no brain - is quoted as saying: 

"These are once in 20-year occurrences, so obviously we are not going to keep these stocks all the time, it would be a waste of taxpayers' money."

The following immediate thoughts occurred:

(a) As so often, she seems out of touch with reality. It is of no consequence how often a 'snow event' occurs; local authorities were warned well in advance by the Salt Association to stock up; (b) No-one expects local authorities to keep stocks all the time, my little PD; (c) What is a waste of taxpayers' money is the salary paid to the present holder of the post of Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government, along with the salaries paid to those of her colleagues that form the present government; and (d) Were she contemplating visiting Oxfordshire, it would be perfectly viable in that as the snow here is only about 1 inch deep we would still be able to see her - might not see her legs though!

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