Thursday, 19 February 2009

Caroline Flint - Another Incompetent

In keeping with a number of politicians, generally those in the government, Caroline Flint, Europe Minister, does not seem to 'engage brain prior to opening mouth'.

In a letter to the Guardian on 17th February she wrote "Let me be clear - there are no plans for a European army......" yet what do we read this morning, just two days later? Bruno Waterfield, writing in today's Telegraph states "A blueprint charting a path to a European Union army will be agreed by MEPs today".

Richard North has an excellent critique, as always, with an extensive history of the background to this proposal on his blog today. As he points out, this plan has been on-going since it was raised in 2006.

Is Caroline Flint deaf, blind and dumb as well as being a cretin? Should not a Minister for Europe at least know what is on the agenda of the European Parliament? Is it asking too much that she should take an interest in her brief?

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