Sunday, 22 February 2009

'Mullin' Over Past (And Present) Labour

Now we have the Chris Mullin diaries to rival those of Alan Clark, the former's being published in the Mail on Sunday.

Included are some very pity comments about Gordon Brown et all, but then this is no surprise to anyone - is it? What I have read so far has just reinforced my belief that the whole bunch of them are dysfunctional, 'dyed-in-the-wool', mindless idiots - in other words typical socialists!

It is a well known fact that this government is 'target' driven but what was a surprise was to read that there had even been talk of setting targets for the number of people persuaded to walk to work! Chris Mullin continues "A later draft of our walking document has substituted benchmarks for 'targets'. Later still, 'benchmarks' had given way to 'reference indicators'. Orwellian!.

Presumably they were taking this idea 'one step at a time'

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