Saturday, 28 February 2009

The 'Blair Witch' Consultancy

The Telegraph today reports on the story that Tony Blair has set up a consultancy, Tony Blair Associates, to advise world leaders and that his first client is the government of Kuwait.

The Telegraph report includes the fact:

"Mr Blair is counselling the constitutional monarchy of the oil-rich state on "good governance", according to his spokesman."

This would seem to leave Tony Blair open to charges under the Misrepresentation of Goods Act - purely on the use of the word 'good'!

An anagram of Blair is B Liar - I know, I know its an old joke but you know what they say - the old ones are the best ones!

Talking of jokes - a cracker from a Tory Councillor - see the story here.

An immigrant is handed a free eight-bedroom house by a fairy (no, not who you think - Ed.) after arriving in England. In the punchline the new foreigner's house and other new-found gains are stripped away after he asks to become native, with the fairy explaining "Now that you are English, you're entitled to f*** all."

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